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Best laid plans

Um hello…is this thing on? Okay good. Steve Barcus here and I am back! After October’s blog post I decided the number one rule of content management, continually roll out fresh content, didn’t apply to me. That’s not to say I … Continue reading

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My July 4th in 88 words

I summarize my fourth of July in 88 words: 5:45 a.m. Bzzt! Bzzt! Snooze…Bzzt! Bzzt! Snooze…Up! Water. Gel. Running shoes. 6 miles with intervals. Home. Protein shake. Load bike. Drive to the lake. Wetsuit. Goggles. Jump. Sploosh! 1.2 mile swim. Pose. Click*. … Continue reading

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Mr. Smooth

Now that I have completed a 140.6 triathlon and am comfortable with the prospect of a 2.4 mile swim, you might think that my swim training is all about complex drills and crazy pool distances. You would be incorrect! The … Continue reading

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Healed up for the off season

It is official! After spending a few weeks in physical therapy my foot is finally healed! I received the “all clear” from my physical therapist and doctor to begin running and biking again. They just recommended that I ease into … Continue reading

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The sinking shark

I’ve been doing a lot of swim drills lately. I know they’re helping, but I can’t help but feel awkward while I am doing them. One in particular has been perplexing me: The shark fin drill. In the drill you … Continue reading

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