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A break up letter

Breaking up is never easy. Continue reading

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Loss and grieving

I hit a milestone in training this week. I completely burnt out my trainer. I really can’t take full credit for this, since it was a hand-me-down from some friends who I think received it as a hand-me-down from some … Continue reading

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Where did my clips go?

I have suspected for a while that my bike clips are starting to get worn. While I was at Bloomington Cycle and Fitness checking out a new saddle I had the crew look at them. They spent about 1 second … Continue reading

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The great shoe crisis continues

By now you’re all probably really sick of reading posts of me complaining about shoes. Well for what it’s worth, I’m really sick of writing posts complaining about shoes, so we’re in this together. I got the new Kayanos in … Continue reading

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Too much tongue

I guess I spoke too soon about the Brooks shoes. I put several miles on them and quickly realized they had a problem. The tongues kept sinking way down and to the outsides of the shoes. I tried everything, but … Continue reading

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Never come back!

I finally broke my Asics Kayano 17s to the point where I could justify new shoes. I did not like the 17s. The 16s and the 15s were great, but the 17s were a disappointment. They took forever to break … Continue reading

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