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A break up letter

Breaking up is never easy. Continue reading

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2014 Race schedule is live!

I finally decided to sit down and plan what I will do this year as far as racing. I am pretty excited because while last year was focused on accomplishments (i.e. Triple-T and IRONMAN Wisconsin) as well as a lot … Continue reading

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Exploding hurts

Ah October. My favorite month. Why can’t it be October all year? We could divide it into 12 sections: Octuary, Octbruary, Octarch, Octril, Octomay, Octune, Octuly, Octust, Octember, October Classic, Octvember, Octcember. And every month could end with Halloween. But … Continue reading

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Rookie mistakes

I ran the St. Pat’s 5k today in Bloomington. Good race as usual. They had around 750 people sign up and 650 finish. Weather was nice despite a forecast for rain and the after party band was good. Even though … Continue reading

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