The donut zone

Krispy Kreme doughnut

Krispy Kreme donuts provide the essential nutrition I need to beat out the competition.

Today I finally participated in an event I have missed for the last two years–Fleet Feet Bloomington’s Krispy Kreme Challenge Fun Run! Styled as a family fun run, racers traverse a one-mile loop for three miles. The twist is that during each mile runners enter an area dubbed “the donut zone” where they must consume a Krispy Kreme glazed donut before proceeding. There is no winner per se, but the first 75 finishers receive a special Headsweats visor commemorating the event. I wanted one of these visor just as much as I wanted to eat three donuts (which was a lot).

I signed up and coaxed my friend and frequent relay team member Kelly Ruiter into racing too. It was a great turnout for the event which was also a part of Fleet Feet’s two-year anniversary. I had the chance during registration to not eat a donut by making a $5 donation to St. Jude, but I passed. Not on making the donation. I happily made a donation, but skipped getting the stick that let me pass through the donut zone once without eating. After all, I did not do the donut run to NOT eat donuts.

Kelly Ruiter and Steven Barcus

Kelly and I proudly pose in our spiffy new Krispy Kreme Challenge Fun Run visors.

The run was great. I took it easy but maintained a 7:30 clip overall, including the time during which I was eating my donuts. Normally Krispy Kremes melt in your mouth, but the combination of a dry mouth and high heart rate made getting each down a bit of an effort. They were still tasty of course. I quickly figured out that the trick was to fully consume 75% of the donut and then then shove the last 25% in my mouth and chew it as I was running. The part that requires technical skill is not choking while running with a mouth full of donut!

In the end I received my visor and had a great time on the run. I am pretty sure I finished in the top 10 too, but the event was about fun and donuts, so there were no official rankings. It was nice to see some familiar faces and chat with friends–all while downing some of the best donuts money can buy! Well done Fleet Feet! Have a happy birthday!

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