Down and out

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Anyone have any red medicine. Or a fairy?

They say all things come in threes. If that’s the case I am glad to be done with my third sickness/injury of the season. I just hope that this means I will be free and clear of any training deterrence for the rest of the season.

A few weeks ago both feet and right knee started really bothering me during workouts. On one occasion it even kept me from finishing a long run. I did the usual remedies–I stretched, I rested, I even switched out my shoes. After around 10 days…BOOM! All better. Ready to rock!


A bad cold took up residence inside my head and decided to wreak havoc on me. It was especially annoying since I had just been sick around Christmas. Once again I did my usual remedies–I rested, I ate especially well, and I imbibed enough drugs to start my own pharmacy. After 7 days…BOOM! All better. Surely now I was ready to rock.

Wrong. WRONG!

After getting over my cold I promptly received a visit from the Random-Back-Injury Fairy. Why do I say random? Because I have no clue how it got this way. It didn’t happen in training. I didn’t take a fall. I don’t remember getting hit by a bus or trampled by hippos. Yet nonetheless my lower back feels like someone took dull-ended iron rebar and jabbed me over and over. I tried my normal remedies–foam roll, stretch, child’s pose, rest. And 7 days later…still crap.

Are you kidding me?!

Okay. Zen Steve. Go to your happy place…

Alright. I am hoping to be better in a couple of days. My coach has given me a stretching regimen and I will incorporate some light cardio to loosen up. Maybe in the spirit of recovery some strong drinks to loosen the muscles and a massage may be in order. Here’s to getting my first injuries of the year out of the way! Should be all clear for the rest of the year…right world?

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1 Response to Down and out

  1. mwballou says:

    I had my back go out 5 times last year. If you find a good acupuncturist and/or chiropractor, they can have you back on your feet in no time. Without them, recovery time was about 8-10 days. With them, I am usually back into light training in 2 days, and fully back at it a day or two after that depending on the soreness.

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