Best laid plans

Um hello…is this thing on? Okay good. Steve Barcus here and I am back! After October’s blog post I decided the number one rule of content management, continually roll out fresh content, didn’t apply to me. That’s not to say I wasn’t writing some great posts, it just wasn’t for my personal blog. But with this post all will be made right. For in this post I unveil what I’ve been up to for the past few months and my plans for 2015!

Let’s get to it.

It may be the off season, but I have been making some solid progress. I took a few weeks after Border Wars to exercise causally and then jumped right into off-season training. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the trainer and treadmill, with long weekend workouts hitting around or above two hours. I’ve also been getting a lot of volume in at the pool. Really I think the workouts I have been doing are quite a bit more advanced than in past years. On top of that I am on a specially designed strength training regimen. I was skeptical at first, but am really seeing and feeling the results. If I’m not careful people will start looking at me and thinking I’m actually an athlete!

In short February has barely begun and I already feel like I have built some speed and stamina I can take into the main season.

Only 250 days until Ironman Louisville?  Whatever. I'll be ready in 248.

Or maybe it’ll take 249. Either way, PLENTY of time.

And I’m going to need it. As of today I have 250 days until IRONMAN Louisville! Honestly it feels good to have another big race year. It was nice taking it easy last year, but there is something satisfying about really grinding through training.

So to that end, my race schedule is up. I’ve also included a few other training events I am doing. Plus I may pick up another triathlon or two, or possibly a relay. But there is reason to the madness. Science even, thanks to Laura Wheatley, my coach. (Very glad to be working with her again). I will begin the year building running volume and utilize that volume a bit in a half marathon and then a marathon. I’m hoping to get a new PR out of the marathon and am fairly certain I can do it, barring injury.

Next I’ll leverage that volume and jump into my biking and swimming training. I am going to for sure do one 70.3 triathlon this summer and a couple of shorter races. I may do another 70.3 tri if I feel like I have been able to spend enough time in Louisville riding the course and getting to know the area. I am being careful not to load up on too many races though. Races are great, but do take time away from training and building fitness. In the end it is all about performing at Lousiville.

Laura thinks I should be able to royally improve my time at Louisville. I think she’s right. I’m going into this knowing what I need to do. I have already improved in strength and speed. I have a whole bunch of people who want to train with me and that are doing the same race. Plus I have challenged myself with something extra this year: I am going to try to really push it during my races. I have a tendency to play it safe, because I don’t want to blow up on the course–a fine strategy, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

That’s all for now. Next time I will share some of the purchases I have and plan to make for the new season.

Thanks for reading!

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One Response to Best laid plans

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the training this year. Make sure you have lots of fun at it.

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