A break up letter

Dear Blue Running Shoes,

Image: Asics Gel Kayano running shoes

My blue Asics Gel Kayanos join the ranks of my exes.

Wow. I never imagined I’d be writing a letter like this. I wish I could do this in person, but this is the only way I can get my thoughts together.

First off, I think you’re great. We’ve had a lot of fantastic memories. Afternoon runs, weekends away together, good times, bad times…for a while you were a good fit for me. But now I’m afraid that time has passed.

In the beginning everything was so new and fun. I loved taking you around and showing you off to my friends. (I got a lot of compliments on your style and looks.) But what I loved most was the support you provided. However in the last few weeks that support has all but faded. In fact it has become painful to be around you.

We could assume we are having a rough patch and hope things will get better, but we’d just be kidding ourselves. Honestly more and more I see myself with shoes that are younger and able to support me–especially through all of my running and triathlons. And let’s face it–time has not been kind to you.

Image: Asics Gel Kayano 20 running shoes

My new awesome Asics Gel Kayano 20s, which will make their race debut at Border Wars.

Please know you’ll always have a special place in the trunk of my car. I hope we can see each other from time to time. And who knows? If things don’t work out with my next pair of shoes, maybe we can go out sometime and catch up.

Thank you for everything, especially getting me through my 5k this weekend. I was thrilled to finish in under 20 minutes (a goal of mine ours), and getting first place was all but a shock to me. It was a grand gesture on your part, but unfortunately too little too late. I’ll try to remember the times like this when you were there for me, rather than the times you were not.

Yours in friendship,


P.S. Please keep the lock laces. I bought those for you as a gift and want you to have them.

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