My July 4th in 88 words

I summarize my fourth of July in 88 words:

American Triple-T swim cap

*Happy Birthday America!

5:45 a.m. Bzzt! Bzzt! Snooze…Bzzt! Bzzt! Snooze…Up! Water. Gel. Running shoes. 6 miles with intervals. Home. Protein shake. Load bike. Drive to the lake. Wetsuit. Goggles. Jump. Sploosh! 1.2 mile swim. Pose. Click*. Strip wetsuit. Change into bike kit. Bike. 15 miles. Merna Tap. Hamburger. Bike. 8 miles. Retrieve CO2 cartridge. Scold. Kicks on 66. Beer. Bike. 11 miles. Lake Road Inn. Pop. Bike. 3 miles. Lake house. Beer. Chat. Home. Stretch. Shower. Nap. Dinner. Drive to party. Fireworks. Wine. Beer. Snacks. Home. Prep bike. Stage gear. Sleep.

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