2014 Race schedule is live!

I finally decided to sit down and plan what I will do this year as far as racing. I am pretty excited because while last year was focused on accomplishments (i.e. Triple-T and IRONMAN Wisconsin) as well as a lot of training events, this year will be about racing what I feel like. And maybe a little accomplishment as well!

I want to kick the year off with the St. Patrick’s Day 5K right here in Bloomington. For a long time it has been my goal to go under 20 minutes in a 5K, and I feel like this could be the year. Plus if I do it during the St. Pat’s 5K, I won’t have to race another 5K. I really loathe running 5Ks, they hurt a LOT! Still, I can’t not try…

Anyway, next I’ll be returning to an old favorite–the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon in Springfield. They have great medals, it is a fun course, and after doing the Illinois Half Marathon for the past few years I am ready to revisit this race.

On May 18 I will be teaming up with two friends and doing the Rev3 Knoxville Relay again. Yours truly will be combining the speed from the 5K and the stamina from the half and to bring the team home during the run leg of the race. Our goal is to win a relay team podium spot. I’ll just count it lucky if it isn’t pouring rain through the whole run like it was last year.

Next on May 31 is the Tri-Shark Classic. I can’t miss this one. It is pretty much a who’s who of triathletes in the area and I have always had a lot of fun. Maybe if the stars line up again I will even get another podium award. (Unlikely since it’ll be a tougher age group.)

The final race I have committed to is running the Rev3 half triathlon relay in Williamsburg, Virginia, on June 15. They had awesome medals last year, and myself and my friends decided we need them for our personal collection.

That should keep me pretty busy throughout the first half of the race season, but I’m not done. Check out my race schedule page for some others I am eyeing. I want to for sure do a half triathlon and maybe even a marathon. Maybe even more. We will see how the year goes.








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