2013 Wrap-up

I thought I’d give a few updates as I come to the close of 2013.

First, I decided it was time to give this blog a new banner, so I sought out the help of my friend and coworker Mike Mahle. Aside from working on whatever is assigned to us around the office, Mike and I have also collaborated on a Batman Rogues Gallery journal that was sold at C2E2. We are also beginning work on a noir style story that should be complete this summer. Check out Mike’s work at mikemahle.com. Big thanks to Mike for helping to give this blog a new look.

Second, I am in the process of choosing my races for 2014. My current plan is to do a 5k in which I go sub-20, a half marathon, two 70.3 relays, Tri-Shark Classic, one or two 70.3 triathlons, and then finish the year with two marathons…now that I write all of this it seems like a lot more than I originally thought. I think I’ll still go for it. My intention is to do the marathons in states that are not Illinois and Wisconsin. I figure I might as well start to casually work toward doing 50 in 50. I may or may not decide to follow through with it, but at least this way I will be making progress in case I decide I definitely want to go for it.

Finally, I have had a major training breakthrough! I have finally broken in my Rev3 8-bit visor! If that sounds stupid, keep in mind that I have been working on it since April. (May still sound stupid.) Until recently that darn thing gave me a headache after wearing it for more than 30 minutes. Why bother? Because it looks so cool. If 140.6 couldn’t beat me, there’s no way a stupid garment of fabric and cardboard was going to win.

This was a great year for racing. I started with American Triple-T at the beginning of the season and finished with IRONMAN Wisconsin. There were a lot of triumphs and opportunities for learning in between, all of which made me stronger and/or wiser. I am looking forward to what 2014 will bring. Thanks for joining me for the ride.

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