In the zone

I’ve been spending some time on my bike trainer lately and have made a surprising discovery…I can actually move between zones with relative ease!

Going between zones 1-4 was never really a problem for me in running. Since running is my specialty, it just came naturally. When my coach assigned specific runs I knew being in Z4 (185 bpm +) would hurt, but I knew I could get there. This was never the case with the bike. Some days even hanging in Z2 (135-165 bpm) could be a challenge.

It was so bad on the bike that when I’d open Training Peaks (awesome software if you aren’t already using it to manage your training) and see long Z3 (165-185 bpm) or even brief Z4 intervals, I would actually feel a bit of anger because I just couldn’t get there. I never knew how to hurt on the bike.

Lately I have had a breakthrough. I am able to really push the cadence and resistance to hit whatever my coach has thrown at me. I was surprised when I hit every zone and cadence goal the first trainer ride–I actually assumed it was luck. But after the last three or so rides I am thinking that I know a bit more about how to hurt on the bike.

Bring the pain!

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  1. Rachel says:

    LOVE the new blog banner!!!!

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