5 Awesome race medals

One of my favorite things about big races is the hardware! These medals are more than some bling that you get to wear around for a bit after race day. Each one has a memory attached, whether the day was filled with hardship or triumph. Looking at them gives me a lot of pride and charges me up for more training and more racing.

Today I am writing to give props to one of my favorite race companies, Rev3. They do MANY things well when it comes to triathlon, but if I had to single out my favorite thing it would be the medals. Rev3 has AWESOME race medals. Check these out:

Revolution 3 Cedar Point medal

This is the medal for the grand finale of the Rev3 series. They went with a roller coaster car in honor of the Cedar Point race location. The best part? It actually lights up!

Rev 3 Williamsburg medal

Twin guns are the highlight for this race. All of the history around the Williamsburg demands a medal this badass!

Rev 3 Maine

From what I hear the race at Maine ends with lobster. Between the claw medal and a killer after-race meal, I need to get up to Maine for this at least once.

Rev 3 Florida

This is actually the medal that inspired me to write this post. This has to be one of the best I have ever seen. What is more hardcore than sharks?! My hope is that they don’t change the medal for next year’s race, because i have big plans to add it to my collection. Wait for me shark tooth! I’ll see you at Rev3 Florida 2014!

Rev 3 Dells

Quirky at first glance, this medal is also a bottle opener. Convenient since there is a lot of good beer to be had in Wisconsin. If you were lucky to make age group there are actually dual sausages on forks that connect to this medal. Hilarious and awesome.

Hopefully you can see why I geek out over these. The creativity here is awesome. And the fact that most of these connect to a second age group medal is just phenomenal. I am lucky enough to have a full Sunsphere medal from Rev 3 Knoxville where my relay team placed.

Man that shark tooth is awesome! (Had to say it one last time.)

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