Healed up for the off season

It is official! After spending a few weeks in physical therapy my foot is finally healed! I received the “all clear” from my physical therapist and doctor to begin running and biking again. They just recommended that I ease into it. After almost five weeks off, I think easing into things will be the only way I get back to it!

I am pumped though. Despite fighting off the beginnings of a cold I got in a four-mile run yesterday to enjoy one of the last warm days of the year. It was pretty idyllic. There is a one-mile course around a lake near by, so it makes for a peaceful run. Even though the wind was blowing strong, it just made the scenery more interesting with choppy waters and flurries of leaves to look at.

Anyway, enough describing nature. I guess I was channeling some William Faulkner there!

The last piece of info I received from my therapist was about my knee. I mentioned it didn’t feel completely better and asked what he recommended. He asked if I had been doing my therapy exercises.


So now I am actually doing them–slowly building some additional strength in my knee and its surrounding muscles, which I am not able to name. If you are interested in which muscles impact the knee, just Google “muscles that impact the knee.” I can’t be expected to do everything for everyone.

I plan to be at full health soon. When I am, look out. I plan to hit off-season training–particularly running–in a big way!

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