Steve on steroids

foot 2

Physical therapist David McClure administers a therapy of steroid cream and ultrasound.

I never thought the day would arrive when I would become a user–but it finally arrived last Thursday.

Immediately after crossing the finish line at IRONMAN Wisconsin my left foot began to hurt. My reaction: Who cares?

The race was over. I pushed my body past my old limits into territory unknown, and when it counted it gave me everything I wanted and more. So I wasn’t really concerned about some pain and discomfort. As far as I was concerned my foot deserved to feel bad if it was so inclined. I could hide the slight limp the injury caused and was sure that with a little rest it would just go away.

It hasn’t.

Finally, after almost three weeks of rest, I scheduled an appointment at the Orthopedic & Sports Enhancement Center in Bloomington. The doctors there put me through a battery of highly scientific tests which I could definitely explain but won’t because you wouldn’t understand. Anyway, it turns out I have peroneal tendonitis.

Closer shot of ultrasound treatment. I didn’t get to see the heartbeat.

Fortunately this strand of tendonitis isn’t contagious, but it will require some therapy. For the next three weeks I will be receiving treatments of steroid cream and ultrasound. I can only assume that at the end of the three weeks my left foot will be super ripped, so I am engaged in rigorous strength training to make sure my right foot keeps up.

I’ll be eager to get this injury taken care of. I am well past the time where I am having fun laying off of training and am eager to be back in action. I have even been getting my goals and schedule for next year ready (more on that later).


Author’s note: All jokes aside, big thanks to the staff at the Orthopedic and Sports Enhancement Center. They really understand sports injuries and I have full confidence in their ability to get me back on the road in time to enjoy the last of the good training weather.

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