20 things to look forward to

On the way to Madison, my girlfriend and fellow Ironman triathlete, Rachel Matyasse, and I decided to play a game and take turns naming things we were looking forward to after Ironman. So without further ado: our list of things we are looking forward to! Rachel is odds and I am evens.

  1. Shaving my legs everyday.
  2. not shaving my legs anymore.
  3. getting a pedicure.
  4. not eating anything with the words “power,” “endurance,” “gu,” or “breaker” on the packaging
  5. not coming back from lunch smelling like chlorine with a sopping wet ponytail and raccoon eyes
  6. Having a week where I don’t wear spandex
  7. cleaning out my  car
  8. removing the bike rack from my trunk
  9. purchasing non athletic clothing and shoes
  10. going for a drink after work
  11. not having a sink full of water bottles on a daily basis
  12. buying something like cologne or a shirt with a collar
  13. Accepting an invite without having to think about whether it fits into training
  14. Sleeping in on weekends
  15. not having to smell my cycling shoes
  16. Thinking of salt as a condiment and not a nutritional supplement
  17. Not worrying about timing digestion for workouts and races
  18. having an idea where I haven’t mentally asked, ” what would Laura think?”
  19. wearing shorts without having to smear various creams and salves on them
  20. Letting my Garmin take a long, well deserved rest

Forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. Typed on an iPhone and autocorrect is really not helpful.

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2 Responses to 20 things to look forward to

  1. Mary Cowdery says:

    Have a great time. It sounds like you are enjoying the adventure already. Be safe and celebrate!

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