One of my big challenges on the bike is eating solid food. Even though I like the taste and that they are good for me, I hate eating PowerBars on the bike. They are difficult to extract from the wrapper, take a lot of effort to chew, and you are left with a bunch of wrappers to lug around.

“Why can’t someone make an easy to eat PowerBar in bite form?” I asked myself.

“Aren’t you someone?” I asked back.

“I suppose I am,” I answered. “I suppose I am.

Cookie Dough PowerBarThis went on for several more minutes. At any rate I was left with the brilliant idea to cut PowerBars into quarters prior to a long ride. I then removed each piece from the wrapper, rolled it into an easy-to-eat ball, and then placed it in a plastic baggie to consume from the bento box on my bike. I chose cookie dough flavored bars because the good nutrition scientists working in the PowerBar flavor lab really hit the nail on the head with these. They taste almost identical to cookie dough.

I wasn’t far into the ride before I noticed that the mild heat was causing my easy-to-eat PowerBalls (trademark pending) to solidify into one gigantic, single block. Now instead of four PowerBars or 16 PowerBalls, I was left with a massive PowerLoaf (trademark also pending). Left with no other options, I survived the rest of the ride by ripping off chunks from the loaf and gnawing them down as best I could. Although it was easier than consuming the bars on the go, I don’t think I am going to make this a regular on my training menu.

PowerBars melted into a single block.

This is what remained of the PowerLoaf after my 72-mile ride.

So back to the drawing board. But know this: This was my own failing, not PowerBar’s. I hope one day they will perfect PowerBalls. Cyclists everywhere will rejoice when that day comes. In the meantime, I will just have to eat the bars directly (which everyone except me can do just fine…).

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