The bad knee

About a week ago my right knee started bothering me. I suppose it was inevitable that some sort of training injury would surface with all of the high intensity work I have been doing. What really frosts me is that no single event happened to injure it. It just started hurting.

Mostly it just bothers me when I am putting  pressure on it, such as forcing a pedal down or even moving my chair out from under a table when I am seated. Since the pain is light to medium, I can’t tell what my knee is trying to tell me. It is one of two things:

Knees with happy and angry faces drawn on them

“Hey man, some bad stuff is going to go down with me if you don’t ease up for a while. This is your warning.”


“Dude you are doing awesome. Stay the course because this pain is temporary, and you are not making it any worse by continuing your high volume of training.”

Two wildly different messages (albeit from a talking knee in this scenario). I have been on a steady regimen of ice and Ibuprofen for the past week. A short run and light bike ride the other day didn’t agitate me in a big way, but didn’t affirm that I am back on the road to focused workouts. I guess only time will tell. Stupid knee.

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