Podium spot?!

June 1 marked my third return to the Tri-Shark Classic Triathlon. The big change this year was that the triathlon was converted to a duathlon due to heavy rains stirring up a whole mess of E coli. Yuck! Luckily the race director had the courage and wisdom to make the last minute change, adding a 2-mile run to the beginning of the race in lieu of the swim.

This worked out well for me. I polished off the first leg in 13:35, the windy bike leg in 38:24, and still had the energy to do the 5k run in 21:57. For me that is pretty darn good, and certainly my best year at Tri-Shark.

The big surprise came when I was picking up my result from the timing tent. Glancing at the slip I saw “AG pos: 3.” I knew that meant that I was ranked first in my age group, but I genuinely assumed it was a computer error or some of the result hadn’t been tabulated.


It turns our that I actually won third in my age group. This not only gave me podium rights, but I received a carved Tri-Shark trophy–something I never thought I would receive. Needless to say I felt like I was on top of the world!

Tri-Shark Triathlon

The EPIC Endurance team gathers for a race day picture. It was a proud moment for me to have so many friends around AND bring home a little hardware! I just might be starting to get good at this.

I won’t rest on my laurels. I spent way too long in transition, so I will need to pick up the pace there. In fact I was so close to the second place age grouper that shaving off a few seconds in T1 and T2 would have made a big difference. I’ll remedy that during the next race!

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