Rev3 Knoxville

rev3I kicked off may by teaming up with Laura Wheatley and Rachel Brunner to take on the

70.3 Rev3 Knoxville triathlon. Rev3 showed that it could put on an awesome event rain or shine. This time it was rain…ALL RAIN.

This was the first triathlon I have done as a relay. Rachel volunteered to brave the 55 degree waters, Laura showed that (even while she is so sick that she is knocking at death’s door) she can crank out an awesome bike on a hilly course in the rain, and I was fortunate to have been given the run course.

A picture of how beautiful the Sun Sphere could have looked had it ever stopped raining for even three seconds.

A picture of how beautiful the Sun Sphere could have looked had it ever stopped raining for even three seconds.

After Laura got back from the bike, I grabbed the timing chip and took off. You accept the rain quickly. There is nothing you can do about it so using a ton of mental energy thinking about it is pointless. The course had some decent hills, though the real surprise came at spots where the course had flooded. Until those points I had danced around small puddles to try to keep my feet dry just a bit longer. But these mammoth puddles were impossible to circumvent and were ankle- or calf-deep!

So with water sloshing around my shoes I finished the run course. My team even managed to position me to catch two other relay teams giving us the third place spot. Not bad considering we were not used to the cold water, fighting bad colds, and had shoes full of water.

Third place earned us big boxes of Powerbars, Blueseventy goggles, and age group medals we could combine with our finisher medals to make super medals! All in all a great time. I’m hoping next year I can return and tackle the whole course myself–hopefully without all of the rain.

World's (third) greatest team!

World’s (third) greatest team!

I’m heading to Ohio for the American Triple-T this weekend. It should be quite an experience. I’ve heard many good things about the event. Keep an eye out for my recap.

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