A Charlie Brown Christmas (in April)


You know that scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas where Charlie Brown has finally abandoned that ugly, pathetic excuse for a tree and all of the other Peanuts characters feel bad for it and then make it awesome? That totally happened to me tonight at the first time trials of the year. EXCEPT I was the pathetic tree and the Peanuts gang were played by several of the TNTT regulars.

I decided to race tonight to support my friend who is the new TNTT director. I was not enthused about it since it was freaking cold out, a high of 45 degree, and pretty windy. I do not own any cold racing gear, so I improvised the best I could and came out to the course anyway. Immediately people commented on how inappropriately I was dressed for the weather.

And so the transformation of Steve began. I soon received arm warmers  leg warmers, and shoe covers. I went from looking like a tool who doesn’t know how to read a thermometer to a semi-legit looking cyclist. The race was still cold, but I am afraid to think of what it would have been like had I not had an outpouring of charity.

So thank you, you-know-who-you-are. I really appreciate you helping to make up for my complete lack of competence. I was able to begin the season with a decent time, and I’ll live to fight another day.


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