See you in H3LL, lemonade!

There are two things I just can’t go without: Being awesome and ice-cold pop.

31 days complete! Celebrating with a birthday Pepsi!

31 days complete! Savoring a birthday Pepsi!

Seriously, I keep it real 7-days a week, 52 weeks a year. Why do I do it? Because if I don’t, who will? We need at least one person on this planet keeping it real at all times. People ask me all of the time (or at least they should), “Steve, you’re so awesome and cool, do you ever get tired from keeping it real and looking good while doing it?”

The answer is yes. I do get tired, but I always have pop to give me a boost. But not for the past month.

I decided a little over a month ago that my pop drinking was getting out of control. I was guzzling around three cans of Diet Coke without fail each day. If I went out to eat I would also have a couple there and take another for the road. Sure I exercise a lot and and eat very healthy, but everything needs to be in moderation.

For me, cutting back is pretty unsuccessful. If I have two, why not a third? Who cares? It’s diet. Blah blah blah. But what does work for me is cutting things completely, cold turkey. For the record I granted myself a concession that I could have pop when I was drinking with friends. I am not the type to pour rum just so I can have pop, so this amounted to two instances over the month,

I’ll tell you when it was most difficult–eating out. Nothing complements pizza, burgers, and brats like a chilled Coke or Pepsi. I tried filling that void during those great meals with lemonade. But lemonade sucked at filling the void left by pop. No bubbles, not nearly as cold, no caffeine boost! Just who the hell do you think you’re fooling, lemonade? You will always live in the shadow of a greater beverage!

The intention was never to cut pop forever, just long enough to break the habit and then build a new one. They say a habit takes 21 days to establish, but I like the idea of doing a solid month better. So I did.

I have now established the habit that I do not need pop. After making it a month I enjoyed some over my birthday lunch and will be attempting to drink in greater moderation.

So good bye lemonade! You can go to hell along with grapefruit, mosquitoes, and most reality TV shows. I will be celebrating with pop!

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