The sinking shark

sharkI’ve been doing a lot of swim drills lately. I know they’re helping, but I can’t help but feel awkward while I am doing them. One in particular has been perplexing me: The shark fin drill. In the drill you are supposed to swim on your side with the lower arm at your side and the top arm bent to where your finger is (roughly) in your ear…thus making the “shark fin.” You hold this position, kicking for 25 yards before you switch sides on the other end.

My problem is that the arm above keeps causing me to descend, which is putting some very unpleasant pressure on my ears. I watched some videos of the drill online that showed swimmers using the “fin” arm to take an occasional stroke, but I confirmed that I am not supposed to be doing this in my personal workouts. I am guessing the more challenging form makes you balance and kick better…but it is not supposed to cause me to descend.

I’m going to keep working at it, though with the way I look doing the drill I might have to temporarily rename it the driftwood drill.

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