Loss and grieving

I hit a milestone in training this week. I completely burnt out my trainer. I really can’t take full credit for this, since it was a hand-me-down from some friends who I think received it as a hand-me-down from some of their friends. I knew the trainer’s time was coming. All of the signs were there: crazy noises, loud grinding, over heating, and inconsistent resistance. And then all of the sudden during a ride…nothing. It just slipped away peacefully. I knew it could happen any day, but I never even had a chance to say goodbye. I rushed it to the finest bike/trainer doctors experts I knew, but even they could do nothing for it. So that’s just it for the old Cycleops trainer. One thing that does give me some peace is that the BCF crew assured me that they could use some parts from my trainer to give other trainers new life. I see more than ever why it’s important to sign the back of your driver’s license.

Since my old trainer is rusting in hell (may it rest in peace), I needed a replacement. I ended up picking up a Blackburn Techfluid trainer, which came highly recommended by the BCF staff for its quality, specs, and really awesome lifetime warrant. I’ll report on it later.

New trainer, set up and ready to go.

New trainer, set up and ready to go.

The new trainer wasn’t my only triathlon purchase this week. I have long suspected that my cycling shoes were not the right size. After two years of having my feet go numb I decided to get properly measured. I was right. My old cycling shoes were 1.5 sizes too big. So I picked up a pair of super bad ass Specialized Trivent Experts, that should change my whole racing dynamic–probably not, but it is nice to have something that is the right size. And I am looking forward to how these will help me. I was told at the shop that these shoes are probably 100 times better than the ones I had been using. Let’s hope they weren’t exaggerating.

My old shoes next to my new Specialized Trivents

My old shoes next to my new Specialized Trivent Experts

I am happy with my purchases, but man did this week drain my wallet! I’m going to look forward to using this new gear to improve my cycling. I’ve got a lot to do this year. Might as well make sure I’m feeling good doing it.


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