Kicking it at the pool

I’ve always held the view that if there’s something you hate in training, it’s probably because you’re not good at it and therefore need to do it more to get better. That’s the way it was for me with kicking (and a whole bunch of other things), but I was noticing the other day at the pool that when kicking came up in the workout, I wasn’t hating it anymore. I wasn’t thrilled about it either, but still. Kind of doing a self analysis, I think I have actually gotten better. Definitely a plus, since I have a lot of swimming to do this year!

I also now have a good visual to keep in mind while I’m kicking–Michael Phelps freestyle. My kicks were not as large, but once I saw him doing it and really concentrated on that aspect of his swimming, I kind of get it a little better. Funny how seeing something can help you boost your own skill. The sad thing is that I was told to watch the video almost two years ago. Who knows how awesome I could have been if I had that image in my head for two years?! Way to blow it, Past Steve! Nothing to do now but move forward. So in the spirit of sharing the wealth…

Look for another post discussing swim technique improvement later this month. I am going to get a personal analysis on a talented swimmer that my coach recommended.

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