Secret locker room

I work out at Illinois State’s Student Fitness Center (SFC). It’s a great facility with a pool, 1/8 mile track, plenty of cardio and weight equipment, and even a climbing wall. My only gripe with the SFC is that the faculty-staff locker room seldom has enough open lockers, and even when there are, they are all grouped in one cluster–ensuring that one section of the locker room is crowded while another is empty. I imagine that the student locker room is the same way. Poor building planning. (Though if this is the worst thing about the building it is still a big success.)

But today I stumbled on what has to be one of the best-kept secrets of the SFC…a THIRD locker room! Totally an accident too, since I was looking for something else. Now I know how they felt in Chronicles of Narnia when they walked in the wardrobe and ended up in a magical land.

Let me tell you about this locker room. There are no teeny lockers. Not a one! The lockers there are all as tall as the tallest oaks. And guess how long the line was for that machine that wrings out your swim suit? Trick question! There was no line. On top of that there are private bathrooms with locking doors and private showers.

Despite being open to both male and female (thus the private bathrooms) students, faculty, and staff  not a single locker was being used. I can tell you that I do not plan on advertising to my fellow gym patrons the location of this hidden gem. At least for now I am going to enjoy some V.I.P. treatment.

Happy New Year to me!

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