Swim camp

Have you ever been to a painting party? If not, let me bring you up to speed. Basically a “friend” needs their house painted and invites you over to paint their house for them. They attach the word “party” as if this word will disguise the fact that they are not really asking you to do boring, tedious, unenjoyable, backbreaking labor for no pay.

Let me elaborate with this dialogue:

“Friend”: Hey Steve! Do you want to come to my painting party this Saturday?

Steve: Painting party?! I hate the first word of that, but love the second. Tell me more.

“Friend”: Oh it’s going to be completely ridonkulous. I am having people over, and we are going to just paint all day. It is going to be a blast.

Steve: Wow! I would love to use my Saturday painting YOUR house for you for free. Do you promise to be an ass about the quality of the work even though I am doing you a favor and you know I am not a professional?

“Friend”: You know it broseph!

Steve: Well sign me up. I am too dumb to know the difference between a day of labor and an actual party.

No one falls for a “painting party.” It is just insulting that people aren’t straight up when they ask. But a rebranding can make things fun! Welcome to swim camp.

The weird thing about swim camp is that when my coach assigned it, I knew that it was a fancy way of saying I was going to do a crap ton of swimming. But this worked somehow. My workouts have been varied from long sets to pyramid builds. I have been focusing on pacing and relaxing, with drills to accompany.

And yes. I am swimming a lot (for me.) Each day is 2200 yards, 10 workouts over two weeks. But packaging it as a challenge, where I have to hit every workout and every distance makes it a lot more appealing.

Anyway, I have enjoyed my first three days of camp. Today was particularly tough since I was supposed to do three-stroke breathing, and I am not used to breathing on my left side. I guzzled a lot of pool water during the workout. And that style made my left ear feel weird.

Not going to let that get me down. Still less painful than a painting party.

Seven more days to go!

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