Exploding hurts

Ah October. My favorite month. Why can’t it be October all year? We could divide it into 12 sections: Octuary, Octbruary, Octarch, Octril, Octomay, Octune, Octuly, Octust, Octember, October Classic, Octvember, Octcember. And every month could end with Halloween.

But I digress. I am supposed to be talking about training.

So at the beginning of October was Run the Woods, a 5k and 5 mile trail run that yours truly happens to be a board member for. But just because I hold a mighty seat of power doesn’t exclude me from throwing down. I entered the 5 mile race and despite biting it on the trail and ripping my favorite pair of running shorts (sorry, no embarrassing photos to share), I won my age group. Yeah! Go Steve!

The rest of the month has been a lot of swimming and trainer training, in addition to running speed work. I am not used to running speed work. The track workout I had almost killed me. The workout plan told me to explode during intervals, so I did. I gave it everything I had. At the end of the intervals I was instinctively clutching my heart and panting in pain. People probably thought I was experiencing “the big one.” This body was not made for speed! But that is why I am doing speed training.

Anyway, moral of the story: Exploding hurts.

Share that wisdom with your children and grandchildren.

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One Response to Exploding hurts

  1. I enjoyed how you wrote this – very easy to imagine. Exploding hurts!

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