From spectator to participant

On September 9, I joined friends in Madison to watch Ironman Wisconsin 2012. As usual it was inspirational and I watched some great performances from my friends and fellow club members. There was ONE thing different from this year’s spectating versus other years…

I signed up!

I am officially participating in the race next year. I waited in line for three hours to walk away with that piece of paper…and I am glad I did. Two years of training has led to this, with another year of even more intense training to come. I am very excited to be on the other side of this race. I have already mastered spectating it, now to help put on the show with the other athletes. Less than one year from now…I WILL BE AN IRONMAN.

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One Response to From spectator to participant

  1. echoes of critical thought says:

    Good luck!!! What a huge step–congrats!!!

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