The lost month

I have no posts up for July, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working. Here’s a brief recap.


Started the month with Pedaling for Kicks. I opted for the 62-mile course. It was REALLY hot that day, but luckily there was no wind. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to ride with me, so I did it solo. Or at least that was the plan. At mile 58 I got my first flat going over some railroad tracks. I considered fixing it and finishing the last four miles, but the SAG wagon came by and offered me a ride. I didn’t want to stand in 105 degree temperatures trying to fix my back tire for four miles, so I took him up on it. When I got home I spent a lot of time repairing the flat over and over to learn the skill. Now I am confident in that kind of situation to where I would repair it even for one mile.


Competed in the Evergreen Triathlon again. Good time as always, and my time was right on par with where it was last year…yay? I should have a faster overall time. I was four minutes slower. My swim and run were a bit faster, but my bike was slower. Also slower on transitions. I know I am better than I was last year, so evidently I need to look at race strategy. I also need to learn to hurt on the bike. Overall time was 2:47:07.


I rounded July out with my first century ride through Miles of Smiles. The course actually went for 102 miles, but who is counting? (Me. I was counting. That is a lot of miles!) I had some company for this ride. After the first 20 miles I met up with Dan Anderson, with whom I shared ideas about marketing his Bloomington half marathon. After, Dan Wheatley kept me company until mile 48, which was the second aid station. From this point, my coach, Laura Wheatley stuck with me for the remainder of the ride. Very generous considering she could have taken off to ride w

ith the big dogs. Something interesting about the course: The first aid station was at mile 32, the second at mile 48. The third aid station didn’t come up until mile 92! Holy crap! Thank goodness I brought plenty of water or I would have been screwed. We had advanced notice through the map, so I bare no ill-will toward the organizers. It was just a lesson that I needed to study the map better. This was a great event. Post race celebration was awesome ad the participants raised a lot of money for St. Jude. Doesn’t get much better!

That was July. Throw in some more long training runs and long training rides and you can see why I didn’t have time to blog. What a blast though. I love pushing those personal limits farther and farther. It is crazy to think that 25 miles seemed so incredibly far a year ago, and now I can ride more than 100. I’ll sign up for Ironman Madison in September, do an Olympic tri, and a half marathon. After that I might do a little rest and relaxation before it is time to begin preparing for my first 140.6 triathlon. Hard to believe that is almost within my grasp.

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