Buffalo training

I had my first triathlon of the season last weekend. This was also my first visit back to the Tri Shark Classic, a sprint triathlon on Lake Bloomington. Except for the water being a bit brisk at 66 degrees, conditions were awesome. Nothing really significant to report about the race. I ended up finishing in 1:23:07, which is about 40 seconds faster than last year. Under other circumstances I would have wanted to see a bigger improvement over the course of a year, but I spent the week before the race fishing, hiking, and visiting family in Utah. Granted I had a few runs in the thinner air and hillier terrain, but it was a pretty lazy week overall. So I didn’t worry about it. I enjoyed my vacation and then I decided to just enjoy the race and see where the cards fell.

I did come up with a technique to force an intense workout in Utah. You just have to find a buffalo, such as the one pictured below, and then gently approach it. Have your arms spread wide and use soothing tones to show it that you mean it no harm. Then, when you’ve earned its trust, and it has let you approach it, stroke it gently on the nose and then immediately grab it by the horns and smack it across the face as hard as you can! Immediately begin running in any direction away from the angry buffalo. Warning: This training exercise is an advanced running technique and should not be attempted by everyone. Repeat as necessary (assuming you are able).

You can’t hide from a good workout–especially if it weighs 2,000 pounds and wants nothing else in the world than to smash you into a soft mush.

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