Loving it

I’ve been really enjoying training lately. I have been doing great at Time Trials, even scoring a new P.R. of 36:57:17 on a night with some pretty burly winds. I just hunkered down in my aero bars and seemed to cut right through. I am starting to really like those things. Now if only I can stop losing so much speed on turns…

Besides biking, I am stoked because open water swims have finally started again. I had to miss the first one of the year since I am on the Run the Woods 5K committee and we had a meeting, but I am raring to go for the next one. I still got a taste of open water swimming since I attended a multisport day at the Timber Point Outdoor Center. I got to kick the day off with some trail running, then pull on my wetsuit for open water, and polish it off with a 30-mile bike ride before lunch.

I am proud to say that despite some untamed wilderness, I did not fall at all during the trail run. I am not fortunate enough to say that the thick gravel in the camp driveway had no effect–I unclipped, hit a tall patch and flew out of the seat. Luckily it was onto a grassy area, so just some light bruising on my knees. Really if someone had told me at the beginning of the day that I was going to fall off the bike, I would have hoped for this spot. Grass beats gravel and pavement any day! Plus I didn’t damage any of my gear! Flesh grows back, helmets do not.

Tri-shark is in 11 days and I am feeling ready. I am in Salt Lake City the week before the race, so running will be my only training, but I think I can make that work.

Bring it!


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