The great shoe crisis continues

By now you’re all probably really sick of reading posts of me complaining about shoes. Well for what it’s worth, I’m really sick of writing posts complaining about shoes, so we’re in this together.

I got the new Kayanos in like I mentioned earlier. I immediately noticed that there is a shorter tongue that slips down some, but at least it isn’t lopsided like the Brooks. Still, it feels off compared to the older versions.

Asics Kayano 18

These could very well be my future former shoes.

Plus, even though they should be well broken in by now, they start feeling bad on my feet after a few miles. Tonight I cut an eight mile run (which I was kicking a whole bunch of ass on) down to six after my feet started feeling bad. Normally I would have run through it, but I have a 12 miler tomorrow morning I don’t want my feet ruined for.

We’ll see how the run goes tomorrow morning. That’ll be when I make the decision on these. Not sure what I’ll try next if I don’t like these. I suppose (shudder) I could always go with the 18s…the ones I was so eager to get rid of. Hot spots are better than tough running. But c’mon. What cruel joke could fate be playing that has me crawling back to those awful shoes yet again?! I mean seriously?! Really?

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