Never come back!

I finally broke my Asics Kayano 17s to the point where I could justify new shoes. I did not like the 17s. The 16s and the 15s were great, but the 17s were a disappointment. They took forever to break in and unlike the previous models, they created a lot of hot spots on my feet after any run longer than 6 miles. Ridiculous!
When I went to Often Running to pick new shoes it was between the Asics Kayano 18s and Brooks Trance 11s. Both pairs felt great. The 18s were a lot more comfortable to walk in in general, but the 11s were slightly more comfortable when running. The guy helping me did let me know that the cushioning on the 11s activated during running, which explained the difference in walking versus running. Both offer support to correct over pronation.

The 18s felt great while walking around, but I’m not buying walking shoes dammit! I’m buying RUNNING shoes!

Brooks Trance 11

Brooks Trance 11. These shoes will make Hermes' winged boots look like cinder blocks!

So there we go. I have two weeks to decide if I like them. And can you believe they cost a paltry $135? (There’s the reason I want to slug anyone who says running is an inexpensive hobby.)

If they don’t work out I’ll trade them in for the Kayano 18s. Either way I am stoked to be done with the Kayano 17s. Worst shoes ever!

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2 Responses to Never come back!

  1. Lydia H says:

    I used to run in Brooks, the Ariel series. They’re the women’s version of the men’s Beast. I also tried one of the other motion control shoes from Brooks. Very durable shoes, the motion control works, good cushioning. THe only thing I didn’t like about them is that the shoe was too stiff in the upper for me. But, that was several years ago. And everyone’s foot is different. Brooks may be your shoe. =)

  2. Aimee says:

    Blah. After they changed the Kayanos about a year ago, the toe box was ginormous and I switched to Brooks somethingorother. Hope you have better luck!

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