Rookie mistakes

I ran the St. Pat’s 5k today in Bloomington. Good race as usual. They had around 750 people sign up and 650 finish. Weather was nice despite a forecast for rain and the after party band was good.

Even though this was my third time doing this 5k, I made some stupid errors that I am sure cost me. Overall I did okay, but some of these things I should have known better.

1. Started off fast. I did this on purpose. I wanted to see what would happen…and I did. I was at a 5 min/mile pace for the first half mile. It tired me out quickly (big surprise) and likely cost me. Basically I was thinking of my P.R. at the Beach Palooza when I got 20:40. I didn’t rely on my watch then and P.R.’d. Thought I’d try just running however I wanted again.

2. Layers. This is a traditionally cold race. Not today. I was wearing under armor and a long-sleeved tech shirt over it. The forecast called for around 50 degrees. I heard at the time of the race it got to upper 60s. I was warm before the race began. The overheating didn’t help.

3. Shoes untied. My right shoe came untied half-way through. I should have checked them before the race started, but I didn’t. I can’t say for sure it cost me time, but I can say the shoe laces flapping around were definitely on my mind. I am happy that no faceplants occurred!

None of these are so awful, but they would have been easy to correct. My lesson is not to overlook the little things. I still did okay. I came in at third in my age group and 32nd overall. My time was 20:45. I would have liked to be closer to 20 minutes if not below.

I’m counting it as a good day. I got to see a few friends debut on the 5k circuit, and they all did quite well. Some of my other friends placed, and one that I know of got a P.R. I’m talking about you Aimee Dziekan. She also managed to beat me by a few seconds (5, I think?) I’ll make sure to give her a run for her money next time!


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2 Responses to Rookie mistakes

  1. ddziekan says:

    She had a great day out. Was good to see you out there.

    Makes me wish I liked running…

  2. Lydia H says:

    It’s easy to go out too fast. At least it wasn’t a marathon. (= Good run. 20:45 is a solid, respectable time.

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