The awesome power of peer pressure

Tough workout today. A trainer ride was held at the high school in Heyworth to raise money to send the AP kids to Washington, D.C. Since I consider myself to be quite a philanthropist (and also have a love for brownie bites and mini pretzels) I decided to join in.

I rode for two hours–the longest I’ve ever spent on a trainer. Even though that was a while for me, there were still people who did more–three hours. The ride definitely made me work. In fact that’s the big advantage of these group workouts in my book. I don’t know that I’d be able to work as hard on my own. But put others around me and have a leader shouting instructions, and I’m really able to dig deep. Go peer pressure!

Great job to those that led rides. Anyone who didn’t make it this time should definitely think about joining in next time. And if the prospect of sweating it out for several hours isn’t motivation to join, there are always cookies, Gatorade, and post-race cup cakes!

One more thing I want to mention. One of my favorite things about big workouts out is a certain feeling after. I’m not talking about a rush or anything like that. it’s a feeling of tranquility. It feels very peaceful when you’ve used up your energy and can just relax. I’m not exhausted or excessively sleepy…just peaceful. It takes putting out a lot of effort to get to it, but it’s worth it.

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