Double workouts

The year in training has officially begun. Laura Wheatley is creating workout plans for me weekly, which means less rest and more work–a combination guaranteed to have me in shape to perform well in races this year. So far typical weeks have three run workouts, three swim workouts, and three bike workouts, along with two lifting days. Distances and focuses vary for each workout and should give me a good combination of speed and endurance.

One of the things that has taken some getting used to is running slower, necessary for readying the body for longer runs in the upcoming season. Those workouts are more about the length of time ran as opposed to distance.

Through cycling classes and Tuesday Trainer Rides I have been getting more used to being on the bike. It still is the most exhausting of the three sports though! None-the-less it is great to be making progress.

Fortunately misery loves company, so my friend Dan (Laura’s husband) is on a similar plan, meaning I have company through some of these. With some luck the weather will get even better so I can take these sessions outside. Here’s hoping!

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3 Responses to Double workouts

  1. Laura Wheatley says:

    Steve! You are a dedicated athlete, and you are going to have FUN and ROCK the 3012 season! I look forward to helping you do it!

  2. Steve B. says:

    Thanks Laura. I was worried for a second that I needed 1,000 more years of training to be a good athlete!

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