All good things…

I have been spoiled rotten over the past few weeks even though I thought otherwise. I work out at the Student Fitness Center on the ISU campus. The facility is only a year old and has everything you could want. Unfortunately when the students leave for semester break, the hours are reduced. While I was bemoaning losing flexibility with the hours, at the same time the gym was a ghost town. No wait for anything. I could do lunges across the room without running into anybody. Sometimes I even had the pool to myself.

All good things must come to an end.

Today is the first week the students are back. Rather than just new year’s resolutioners occupying the gym, there are also a horde of students who have been wanting to work out for the month they’ve been gone, and also have not been given any assignments to put their attention elsewhere. It was completely packed today. I have seen this phenomenon a few years now, but I always forget how day and night the difference is.

Ah well. It’ll clear out in a couple more weeks. I don’t mind the students who WANT to be there. Heck, it IS their gym after all. But you new year’s resolutioners need to find somewhere else to hang out! If you’re in there giving it your all and improving yourselves, I am not talking about you. In fact you get genuine, rarely issued, Steve-brand props!

A high-five from me is epic. REALLY epic. Gorilla high-fiving a shark epic!

But c’mon people. Don’t sit on an exercise bike just to watch the TV.

You can’t just go to the gym, you have to do something when you get there!

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