Trainer ride: The domino effect

So good to my word I decided to check out the trainer rides that are held every Tuesday until warm weather returns at Bloomington Cycle and Fitness. It’s great the BCF hosts these because it gives cyclists a chance to keep in shape when the roads are unavailable. Plus I think everyone misses the camaraderie of going on rides, so this really helps.

Anyway, I show up with my bike and get a trainer set up. I was not used to this particular trainer and was slightly paranoid I’d set it up wrong and go flying off the stand a few feet before I crashed into a wall. Still, I set it up, had some others look at it, and decided that it was probably fine.


I pedaled for about 30 seconds before the bike broke out of the stand and fell left. I’ve taken a spill on the bike before, so that isn’t so bad. But there were three people in a row very close to me. As I broke free I had one quick thought: Don’t touch the person next to you!

I didn’t. Luckily I broke my left foot out of the clip and steadied myself without taking three people with me. Might have been slightly embarrassing. After that I had the room’s full attention and a few seasoned cyclists helped me situate my bike. As I said, the camaraderie is great. You’d think someone would have made a joke or some crack, but no one did. They’d all been there in some form or another.

That was the one brief cloud of the evening. After that I enjoyed a Blues Brother themed ride coordinated by Tamara Nelsen, a a Tri Shark and seasoned triathlete. It was a good workout. To be honest there was a little paranoia here and there while I was riding that the trainer would give way again, but no more mishaps.

Thanks to BCF for hosting and Tamara for a great playlist and workout. I’ll definitely be heading back next week in hopes of coming out of winter stronger and faster than last year.

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