Reflections not resolutions

I’ve been really fortunate lately, at least as far as an athlete in Central Illinois goes. Last year at this time we had been already buffeted with one major snow fall and were dealing with some cold temperatures. But this year December has been great. No snow worth speaking of and temps good enough to compel me to do some outside running today and the last couple days. Is it sad when you feel like you’re spoiled with 40 degree temps and 19 mph winds? Kind of. But I’ll enjoy my illusion as long as I can.

On today’s run I started thinking about what I accomplished this year and what I hope to accomplish next year. Ooh! Are we going to hear about Steve’s new year’s resolutions? Hell no. Steve thinks those are stupid. If you want to improve yourself, start as soon as you can. I am not going to wait for some “magic day” and binge with bad behavior until that time comes. Pointless.

I do think the end of the year is an excellent time for self reflection (something good to also do though out the year). I have a lot of room for improvement in my tri game, but I plan on building strength and stamina on the bike. The biggest ride I did this last year might have been around 60 miles. Not awful for a first year, but not good when I plan on doing a half distance tri at the end of this coming summer. I started attending a few spinning classes this past month to keep myself in the groove. I will continue doing this until the climate in Illinois is better (I’m not so spoiled that I can ride my bike outdoors in the winter) and I will also be attending some Tuesday Night Trainer Rides at Bloomington Cycle and Fitness. I also need to look at picking up a quiet trainer so that I can ride my bike at my apartment. “Quiet” is the key word here since my neighbors thought I was sawing metal when I tried riding the one I am borrowing!

Another behavior I have been focusing on improving is to cut down on pop. I love pop. I have no intention on giving it up. After all, if I gave it up then when I went out and only ordered Captain Morgan straight up, people would worry. But I would like to cut down how much I have been drinking. Two weeks ago I put my foot down and settled on two cans in a normal day–still a lot by some people’s standards, but to hell with those people. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink (every night), I don’t eat poorly (on Sundays), so I’m going to enjoy pop. I’ll just do it in moderation.

That’s all for now. Watch my blog as you’re almost guaranteed and inevitable rant on how much I hate going to the gym after the holidays because I have to deal with new year’s resolutioners (probably the root of my hatred for new year’s resolutions). GRRRRRR! I’ll also get next year’s race schedule up soon. See you in the new year and thank you for reading!

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