It’s the final countdown

The marathon is only 5 days away and I’m looking forward to it. I’m already psyching myself up for completing it in less than 4 hours and am looking forward to all of the food I’m going to eat after. This week is just a few light runs with some cross training that I threw in.

On that note, after a three mile run at the gym tonight, I decided to do some light upper body work. Now before marathon training began, I kept up a little more on my lifting. I was never a future Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I was pretty decent. Anyway I tried doing some dips–my favorite strength training exercise–and was surprised that it was a little tougher than I remember. I used to do 3×10 with 50 lbs belted to my waist with no problem. At my best I was able to do two reps with 100lbs belted to me. Tonight 3×10 normal was a slight effort. I’ll be eager to get back to that after the running. I’m still going to make the swimming, biking, and running my primary focus, but adding the strength training back will be good for me. I am also going to pick up a nice bike trainer for home and have the P90X workout here.

Needless to say I’m looking ahead and planning for what’s next. Did I mention I am signed up for the Rev3 half at the Dells? I’ll have to check my past entries to see if I’ve talked about that. I’m going to finish this race season with a bang! It will all be over by this time next week.

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