Hover shoes

At a meeting today the vice president of my division, a coworker, and myself got to talking about innovation. The VP mentioned that her college-age daughter, until last weekend, had never seen a rotary dial phone. The VP even had to explain how to dial on it.

I brought up my grandparents and their perpetual amazement with cell phones, describing how my grandpa always makes sure to explain to me and my cousins how great it is they can make a phone call even if they are not at home or in the car.

After we started musing what crazy invention we’d be enjoying in 50 years that we couldn’t imagine life without. At one point I said, ” Who knows, maybe someday we’ll be talking about how we couldn’t imagine life without…hover shoes…Can you imagine people used to walk on the ground and in the dirt? Crazy!”

I was just being asinine, but my coworker mentioned off hand that hover shoes might be better for running because they would transfer less impact to feet and legs. Genius! Suddenly endurance running wouldn’t be such a wearing sport! I bet hover shoes even last a lot longer than regular running shoes too. And for that matter grass, mud, rocky terrains–all would be easily traversable. SAND! No longer would be at the mercy of those trillions of coarse, tiny bastard rocks! We might even see a water model.

It’s just a dream for now. But maybe not so far out if you think of some of our crazy advances. (Internet in your pocket and in the middle of the desert?! Who would have thought?) Well someone did think of these. Let history show that on this day, August 26, 2011, man first dreamed of running in a world while no longer a slave to the earth or gravity. HOVER SHOES!

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