Beaten…battered…better…back in action!

I made a big decision about a week ago. For several weeks my legs felt beaten up and tired. At first I figured it was marathon training, legs aren’t supposed to feel perfect. What bothered me was that I was not recovering at all between runs. And things were starting to feel tense and agitated during normal walking and lounging.

So I decided to take a few days off. Off of running that is. I replaced my running workouts with swimming and biking. The cross training and easing off of running paid off! My legs and feet feel worlds better. Yesterday I did a 15 mile run, and today I did 6. No problems aside from the usual soreness.

But looking at the training calendar I am issuing a warning to my body (assuming my body is subscribed to this blog): The ability to miss workouts is at an end. Chicago is too close. Pain signals will no longer be accepted by the brain, and no endorphins will be released to reward wussiness. The only course of action that remains is to suck it up and be a champion!

***Special thanks to my hands for cooperating with my brain to submit this post.***

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2 Responses to Beaten…battered…better…back in action!

  1. Clint says:

    One suggestion:
    On some of your long runs, drive out to Comlara Park and run on the trails out there. The soft terrain is better on the joints and muscles than constantly pounding on the pavement. It’s especially helpful for when you start to increase your mileage. If you are a bit worried about doing your long runs out there, perhaps substitute some of the midweek runs from pavement to the offroad terrain. Not only will it give you the break from the impact, but it also engages other muscles. Think about it, and best of luck in Chicago

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