Argh! Not again!

Continuing the race season I participated in Beach Palooza last Saturday. This race is a 5K with obstacles ranging from icy water pits to hurdles to suspension bridges. It is a pretty fun time. There are several different waves; I was in the first. I managed to stay with the front of the pack throughout the race and crossed the finish line fourth in my wave. Interesting that the guy in front of me kind of just gave up during the last obstacle, even though the finish was in sight. I think he walked across actually. Weird.

So fun race. Good over all time. What could be the problem?

The official results came in today. My final time was 20:49, which is a new 5K PR for me, and that is even with obstacles in my way! Add to that that I came in third in my age group. Add to that that overall, out of more than 1,600 people, I was 15th…

Yet again I left before the awards (I had to be back to B-N in a hurry for something going on on campus that evening) and therefore do not get my trophy. It is just a conch with the race logo on it and markings signifying third in my age group, but darn it, I still wanted it.

Ah well. I can’t be mad at the race people. They did warn everyone in the paperwork. Darn you fine print! I guess I’ll have to start paying attention at races. Kind of nice to know I am able to hold my own every once in a while, but I wish I was posting a picture of a beach theme trophy now.

In other news, I think I might try to see if I can break 20 minutes in a 5K soon. Without giant volleyballs, water noodle forests, and sand running, I should be able to shave off what I need! We’ll see. Marathon training is really kicking in. Only about two  months until the Chicago Marathon.

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