Spandex is unforgiving

Fourth of July is hands down my second favorite holiday, following closely behind Halloween. Brats, burgers, potato salad, more brats, booze, and small explosives illegal in one state, but legal in the next. Is there a better way to celebrate our nation than by eating like pigs and then blowing up a small piece of it? I think not.

But then comes the day after the fourth. I actually thought I didn’t do too bad gorging myself. Then came the next day when I was getting ready for Tuesday Night Time Trials. I wrestled on my tri jersey and bike shorts (would have needed to use Body Glide if it had been any more of a struggle), and realized that rather than looking like the fit athlete I should strive to be, I resembled something more along the lines of a wrapped ham.

Black is supposed to be slimming? I guess I needed a darker shade of black!

For the record I regret nothing. But man, spandex really puts it into perspective. It’s like wearing a small box around your neck that says, “Look at Steve. He ate like crap.” or “Clear a path. Wide load coming through.”

Then again, maybe I need to think about ditching my carb up model for big training days and races. I ended up with a 37:02 at time trials–a new personal record. I guess this body moves quicker fueled by burgers than it does with whole wheat pasta!

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