Dog Days of Summer

Right on the heels of the Tri Shark Classic, marathon training started this week. This year the end goal is the Chicago Marathon in October. I’m still using the Hal Higdon training program, but I’ve moved to the Advanced track, with some modifications. I’ll share the details on the changes later, but basically they are to accommodate the triathlon training I’ll be doing at the same time. It should work well though. The three sports translate well to one another, so between the harder runs and the sheer volume of cross training, I should be in awesome shape.

I like to run with people for my longer runs. And there are a few reasons for that. For one, running partners can keep you moving if you want to slow up or even stop. But they also keep you from getting bored. I enjoy running, so that doesn’t often happen, but if you don’t have anything to focus on you start to zone in on how hot it is (in the 90s all week), how hungry you are (I’m eternally hungry) , how tired you are, etc. Not good for a workout. So even though this afternoon was a short 5 mile workout, I decided to grab a friend to run with…Winston Wheatley.

Photo courtesy of Dan and Laura Wheatley

Now don’t let his leisurely appearance fool you (unless he appears spoiled, in which case you’re dead on). This Vizsla can run. I borrowed him from some friends. I picked a park close by that has a good one-mile loop so I could grab some water to rehydrate after a couple miles if I wanted to. There was a good breeze and it was only 86 degrees, so I didn’t end up having to.

You know when you’re walking a dog and someone makes that lame-ass joke, “Are you walking the dog or is the dog walking you? Duh huh huh.” Winston took off like a freaking bullet, and I have the Garmin stats to prove it. We kept an erratic 8 minute pace for five miles. I say erratic because sometimes we were burning up the path, and sometimes he was taking a detour to give those snooty geese whatfor. Stupid geese.

Getting back to my original point, the run went fast. It didn’t even feel like 40 minutes since there was plenty going on besides staring at the road. And as a bonus, Winston and I both got some sun. After all, you don’t get to be that nice shade of tan you see above by staying inside all day!

Side note: Kudos to my friend Adam Bolliger who, even while serving in the desert, with its 22 mph winds and 118 degree heat, still manages to crank out some good runs. Way to nut up!

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One Response to Dog Days of Summer

  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for the spotlight Steve. Great post, what Garmin watch are you pimping now?

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