Rest versus training

Ah Memorial Day Weekend! A 3-day weekend for most, unless you’re like me and took a fourth day off to relax, unwind, and get some serious training in. Those are the best laid plans of mice and men though. I woke up Saturday morning sick…again. This is my third time sick I think this year. Ridiculous.

So the age old question for me is always: Do I man up and train anyway? OR Do I rest so that I recover quicker and not risk making it worse? I’ll be interested in hearing what everyone else does.

The 5k I ran sick was an example of making a bad situation worse, but the triathlon is this Saturday. I decided to take it easy. At least I did until today when three days off became plenty. I got in a good four mile run and felt more tired than usual, but good for doing it.

I would love to know what is making me so sick. I guess it could be allergies. There is a lot of pollen in the air this year. If that is the case, the bees need to get out there and do their damn job! Or maybe I’m just unlucky and am getting bad colds. I did feel tired, light headed, and congested as only a few of my attractive symptoms. And I didn’t learn anything from visiting the doctor…EXCEPT that if you have a scope with a light on it shoved up your nose and snaked down your throat and are asked to make and E sound, DON’T DO IT!

So much pain.

Ah well. I tend to look at things as positive as possible. And the reality is that being sick sucked, but better last weekend than this coming weekend! Only 4 days until tri time.


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4 Responses to Rest versus training

  1. Lew says:

    It’s been fun reading about your training adventures, Steve! I hope they all pay off with huge dividends at the Tri-Shark this weekend, and it goes very well!

  2. Adam says:

    Hey Steve, for when I feel sick I go with a rule that I have seen in many reputable publications. If your symptoms are from the neck up, work out. If your symptoms are from the neck down, rest. This has always worked for me. Last, when in doubt, rest.

    • Steve B. says:

      Not a bad motto. I had some tendonitis in my foot last year, and I’m pretty sure I made it worse by not resting when I first noticed and also didn’t rest as long as I should have. It almost cost me my race, so I’m definitely an advocate of “when in doubt, rest.”

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