Swim for your life, Steve!

It’s Wednesday, which means it was time to return to the beautiful lake I told everyone about in a previous blog. With my first triathlon less than two weeks away, I need to get in as many open water swims as last time. Now given the less than pleasant experience I had last time, I’d be exaggerating if I said that I was really looking forward to it. Truth be told the weather forecast showed we were supposed to have some severe thunderstorms and a little part of me (a wimpy part that the rest of me usually keeps beaten down, gagged,  and quiet) wasn’t going to be upset if it was rained out. Not the case!

I arrived out at Miller Lake (turns out it isn’t actually called the lake of poop) just as a bunch of the other club members were showing up. The skies had grown pretty dark and we were told we probably had about 30 minutes before we would have to close it down. I didn’t drive all of the way across town to not swim, so I threw my gear down, wrestled my wet suit on, and headed toward the water.

I was REALLY surprised when I stepped in the water this week. It was WAY warmer than last week. Without the cold temperatures screwing with my head, I was able to swim in a straighter line. Actually, I dare say I was enjoying the open water swim, which I am pretty stoked about since that means I do not loathe any particular part of the triathlon. After I rounded the farthest buoy, the monitors in the canoe called over to me and said I needed to head back. At that point I saw everyone else swimming for shore. Lightning had been spotted in the distance. I asked if I should swim directly back or finish the course since I was so far out. They said if I could do it quick to go for it.

I made it a good way before I realized I was drifting near shore. (Not the shore I was going for.) At least I didn’t wash up this time. Oh! And about 10 feet out I found a picnic table that had been submerged in the water. That was unexpected, but I am always happy to help locate missing property.

The swim was taking longer than I had hoped and the sky was looking pretty ugly. I was also the only one in the entire lake at that point. I wanted to finish to the final buoy, but cut it a little short instead, getting out near the dock. Good choice too. By the time I had walked to the hut where everyone else was, the rain had begun. Plenty of lightning too.

When I got home I had just enough time to take a shower with my wetsuit before the sirens sounded warning of a tornado. So that was the end of my training. Sitting in a half basement, my dinner was a bottle of water and a pineapple roctane gel, which was just as satisfying as the bacon and eggs I had set my heart on. They really need to invent a bacon flavored gel for endurance athletes.

Oh well. At least I got the training in. Bad weather wouldn’t be a good excuse to skip. It could be less than perfect on race day, so I have to be ready to deal. And I’m still alive. Just check the score.

Steve:1           Nature:0

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