Easy sacrifices

I’ve been reading some interesting things lately. Yes I read. I’ll just confirm that before there are a dozen smart-ass comments on this post. Anyway, I have been reading the Triathlete’s Training Bible. A lot of useful tips about anything you’d want to know about the triathlon sport. The part that struck me was when the author, Joe Friel, was talking about sacrifices I’d have to make to do this. Training, dieting, the financial commitment–none of these really surprised me. But he mentioned one item that made me change my views on sacrifice…sleep. He wasn’t talking about sacrificing sleep for training. Although there are plenty of days that have to begin with early mornings before the sun gets too high and hot. Friel was talking about the need to rest and recover.

That doesn’t sound so bad to me. Can I sacrifice 30 minutes of something to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep? That actually sounds like a good idea. Since I don’t have children, I am not bound to anyone’s schedule but my own. In fact, I’d love an extra half hour of sleep every night. Not a hard sacrifice to make. I was listening to the Dave Ramsey Show on the radio while I was driving the other day, and he was talking about the hardest thing he had to do as a new business owner. He said it is going to sleep when tired, rather than watching TV. Watching TV doesn’t help you recover. I am guilty of being half asleep and still surfing the TV for something that looks good before settling on an old Fresh Prince rerun (I’m a big Will Smith fan).But watching something I’m not even enjoying has zero benefit.

I think what Friel and Ramsey are both saying, despite talking about wildly different subjects, is that smart sacrifices don’t always have to be hard. It can be as simple as stepping outside ourselves, identifying wastes of energy, and turning off the light.

Of course if anyone knows of any other easy sacrifices, I am all ears. Nothing like reaping great benefits at minimal costs.

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