A sickening 5k

A friend of mine decided to organize a 5k to benefit her daughter’s school. I said I would support her by volunteering or running–whatever she needed more. Turns out she was hurting for runners pretty bad. Turns out there were about six other 5ks scheduled for the same day and time, so hers ended up small, but it went well.

The day before the race I was home from work sick. I do not like taking time off of work, so for me to be home, I was definitely feeling like crap. On top of that the weather was cold and rainy that day. So I stayed in and went to bed hoping to wake up to better times.

When my alarm went off the next morning for the 5k I did the mental check over my body before I even started moving. Dang it! Still sick. If it had been some random person’s 5k rather than a friend, or if I knew she had a ton of people, or if I hadn’t invited friends out to run it too, I would have said screw it and went back to bed. But I had created the perfect storm. Oh yeah. And it was storming to top it off.

Rather than my normal pre-race sport gel (My personal fav is Gu Roctane blueberry pomegranate. Expensive but worth it!) I grabbed a handful of assorted medicines to hopefully get me through the race. It worked. Despite the rain and cold, I was able to get a new P.R. of 21:30. Not bad for a distance runner.

But I felt my health take a blow because of it. After hanging around for the obligatory chit chat, snacks, and giving ample congratulations to my friends who ran and organized the race, I went home and passed out. The rest of the weekend I didn’t even leave my place. I stayed inside passing time by sleeping and trying new combinations of medicines, hoping that I would be the genius that discovered the cure for the common cold. It didn’t happen.

Was running a 5k while sick a smart decision? Probably not. It cost me a few days of training. But then again it was a good time, I didn’t have to break any commitments, and I ran a good race. So I won’t call it a smart decision, but I will call it the right decision.

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4 Responses to A sickening 5k

  1. Michael Jensen says:

    Thanks for running!! What a friend!

  2. Steve B. says:

    It was my pleasure. I think my favorite part was seeing the kids all doing their 1k race while wearing numbers. Some of those kids were so little the number covered half of their body. It was worth coming out just to see that.

  3. the PR was worth it.

  4. Mike says:

    How have you never swam in a lake? I’m glad you are finally coming out of your shell Steven. Now you just need to go visit some foreign countries. You’ve never really lived until you wake up in the desert with a camel spider next to you.

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