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Rest versus training

Ah Memorial Day Weekend! A 3-day weekend for most, unless you’re like me and took a fourth day off to relax, unwind, and get some serious training in. Those are the best laid plans of mice and men though. I … Continue reading

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Swim for your life, Steve!

It’s Wednesday, which means it was time to return to the beautiful lake I told everyone about in a previous blog. With my first triathlon less than two weeks away, I need to get in as many open water swims … Continue reading

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Easy sacrifices

I’ve been reading some interesting things lately. Yes I read. I’ll just confirm that before there are a dozen smart-ass comments on this post. Anyway, I have been reading the Triathlete’s Training Bible. A lot of useful tips about anything … Continue reading

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Submerged in a lake of poop

Tonight was my first open water swim. By now I’m pretty comfortable in a lane at the gym, but I hear that open water swimming is a totally different game. In fact, a lot of beginner triathletes’ biggest problem is … Continue reading

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A sickening 5k

A friend of mine decided to organize a 5k to benefit her daughter’s school. I said I would support her by volunteering or running–whatever she needed more. Turns out she was hurting for runners pretty bad. Turns out there were … Continue reading

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Me versus the dog

I’ve become pretty comfortable on my bike. Because I learned that a heavily populated recreational path is a bad place to ride for speed and stamina, I have taken to riding on country back roads. This is pretty great except … Continue reading

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